EMLAK Housing REIT General Manager Murat Institution made striking statements about the real estate sector during the past few weeks. Hurriyet’s announcement, titled ‘The Tulip Revolution’, revealed that the use of unnecessary luxury materials and excessive social space construction led to an increase in housing prices.

Private sector supported this call of Real Estate Housing. Teknik Yapi Vice Chairman Umut Durbakayım emphasized that everybody should take responsibility for ‘cheap housing’ which is on the agenda in the first days of the year.
Durbakayım underlined that the Agency had provided support until the end of the call for cheap housing, saying, “In this context, we put it under the stone as a contractor. We believe that everyone should put their hand under the stone so that the unit price of the square meter is at an accessible level. ”

Durbakayım said: “Every apartment should be allocated separately by removing the parking space from the common area. Thus, while purchasing the apartment you want to use the parking lot can choose to use. By giving to the demanded rent, selling the will can reduce the cost of the apartment. It is possible to hit two birds with one stone. We will have a solution for both traffic problems, and we will offer low cost and affordable apartments for clients. ” Durbakayım stated that the construction of a parking area of ​​about 35 square meters for each apartment was realized. “If the parking area for an average 100 square meter apartment is the construction cost, the total apartment building cost is 12 percent. When the parking area of ​​35 square meters is thought to be fixed for each apartment, the cost of the parking space inside the apartment will increase as the apartment square meters fall. 50-70 square meters of apartment space will save more, “he said. Durbakayım said that it is possible to see examples of these examples in many countries. He shared his knowledge that parking rentals in the UK are 20-100 thousand pence according to his central position. Durbakayım said that there are similar applications in Russia, and that underground parking lots offer a significant solution to the traffic in Moscow.


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