Home    New Development Plans of 6 Provinces in Istanbul Are Felt into Abeyance

While new development plans of Istanbul including 6 provinces such as Avcılar, Ümraniye, Kartal, Tuzla, Esenler and Sancaktepe is felt into abeyance, The 30 day process started.

New development plans including 6 provinces in Istanbul is felt into abeyance. How long will the suspended development plans and can the appeal be made?



According to the information about the new development plans, the zoning changes covering 6 districts in Istanbul were added to the zoning plans declared by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) according to Article 8 of the Law No. 3194. Which 6 provinces of Istanbul did the new development plans start the suspension process?

Bağlantı On 12.06.2017, suspension process of the new development plans of some neighborhoods is ending in the 6 provinces where the new development plans are stated on 12.05.2017. During this period, new development plans can be objected. If there is no objection, the new development plans are finalized on the day of the suspension process.

While several neighborhoods of Avcilar, Umraniye, Kartal, Tuzla, Esenler and Sancaktepe which be the most important provinces of Istanbul the new development plans are felt into abeyance, stated that Plans will continue suspension process until June 12, 2017 by authorities.

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