Home    New Building Bylaws Delayed to 1 October

With the regulations that will bring big standard changes in the projects, the building of studio apartments which are rated as 1+0 will be terminated. The smallest apartment will consist of 1 room, 1 living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet on net 28.5 square meters.


With the new regulation, the building cannot be painted in any desired color. The municipalities will be able to determine the color of the exterior paint, coating, and roofing material according to the properties of the environment. The authority may also be used for the finished buildings. In residential buildings, floor heights will be 3.60 meters and commercial offices will be 4 meters. Construction permit for Excavation will not be needed. With the new regulation, parcels that give precedence and no floor space will be able to increase from 40 to 60 percent of the floor area. This will reduce the floor density. According to the new regulation, it will be a floor area of 720 square meters, with the distance of 5 meters from the road and 3 meters from the neighbor.


In narrow space 5 floors can be built then after the regulation, 3.3 floors can be built, so that horizontal architectural transition will be provided. According to the regulation, construction permits can be granted without waiting for excavation permit. Commercial use will be allowed provided that the planned areas zoning regulation and the roadside trade are constructed in the residential areas and the parking lot on the ground floors is met. Accordingly, commercial use of non-residential services such as shops, hairdressers, tailors, practices, restaurants, patisseries, kindergartens etc. which do not create noise and pollution will be allowed.



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