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Istanbul’s most precious metropolitan metro and metrobus stops came out by examining. Accordingly, Zincirlikuyu, Levent, Hisarüstü left behind other stops openly behind. ‘Istanbul Rail System and Metrobus Lines Housing Value Map’ appeared. REIDIN, which undergrounds metro, tram and metrobus lines of Istanbul; Along with the sales and rental values of residences around the stops on the line, depreciation periods and annual gross rates of return. According to the map, Istanbul’s three most expensive stops were Hisarüstü, Zincirlikuyu and Levent.



The Most Expensive Stop, Hisarustu

The most expensive stops of Istanbul also appeared in the Housing Value Map. According to the evaluation, Hisarustu station located on the metro line was the most expensive location with a residential sales value of 24.935 TL / square meter. Zincirlikuyu around the main stop of Metrobus line with 14.360 TL / sqm, second place, Levent stop in the subway line, 12.655 TL per square meter took third place. According to the map, the lowest value of residential sales was the Sultanaqity stop on the tram line. The residential sale price of the Sultançiftlik durability surroundings was 2.214 / TL square meter on the map. In January 2009, the price of square meters for the houses near Alibeyköy, which is 1,576 TL, reached 2,749 TL in December 2015 and 2,932 TL in December 2016.

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