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 Home    Minister Tufenkci’s Promise To Real Estate Agents Once More

Haci Ali Taylan, who is the director of estate counselors’ federation, and board members; Sedat Altinay, who is the director of chamber of real estates, met Bulent TUFENKCI, who is the minister of commerce in Malatya Ramada Hotel.

Minister Bulent Tufenkci promised that consultancy of real estate law would be declared as soon as possible in this meeting.


Sedat Altinay, who is the director of chamber of real estates, expressed that consultants of real estate get relaxed by means of the message that is told by Bulent Tufenkci. Provided that this law is promulgated as soon as possible, estate agents working in an illegal way would not be able to work. In addition, they would come across serious punishments. When the law is accepted exactly, all the real estate agents will be responsible for the taxes at first, and then they will be enrolled with the obligatory certificates. Supposed that the enrollments are not carried out, they could not possess the occupation of consultancy of real estate agents. Furthermore, becoming real estate agents will require the circumstances such as graduation of the university degree that lasts for at least two years. Therefore, all the real estate agents will not only have the guarantee of their occupations by means of this law but also have the guarantee of following real estate agents in the future. Moreover, it will be beneficial for illegal estate agents. Beyond all these satisfying messages in the meeting, the plaque to depict real estate agents’ appreciation was presented to Bulent Tufenkci, the minister of commerce.

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