Home    Minister Ozlu Points Out Year 2019 For Turkish Antarctic Science Base

The South Pole, namely The Antrarctic, attracts all the countries for scientific research more than forty years. Twenty nine countries still have nearly one hundred scentific research bases on the pole and it is clearly foreseen that this number will rise in coming days.

PolRec: Polar Research Center

Turkey has started the polar scientific research programme establishing Polar Research Center (Pol-Rec) under Istanbul Technical University (ITU). The first National Turkish Antarctic Science Expedition (TAE-I) was held in 2017. Giving information about the research programme, Minister of Science And Technology Faruk Özlü stated that in this first visit the Turkish expedetion team specified thirty eight areas for the future base. The Minister added that the second research expedetion is still being carried out with twenty eight scientists and the work will finish at the end of April 2018.

Now Observer, Later Consultant

The Minister Özlü also said that Turkey has an observer status in the research activities and three polar expedetions must be held for taking the status of consultant. The Minister followed ‘ In 2019, we wiil establish our science base considering the options which specified this year. When this work is concluded Turkey will take the participant status, will be a strong actor and will have a say in the future of Antarctic’.

Polar Research is Expensive

The Minister stated that the first and second scientific expedetions worth nearly 15 million Turkish Liras. After the next years programme the budget for the base will be determined. The Minister also added that Turkey is not a country fighting against terrorist at Afrin but also a powerfull country carries out huge scientific programmes like these.

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