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 Home    Metro House Starts Life İn Esenyurt

Candardoglu Construction by Istanbul European Side The Metro House project, which was passed on in Esenyurt, consists of 28 houses. Candaroğlu Metro House project includes 10 shops on the side of the houses. The shop is located at the bottom of the building.


In the Metrohouse Esenyurt project, there are 2 rooms 1 living room and 3 rooms 1 living room options ranging from 90 square meters to 120 square meters. If you have a house with a 20% down payment and you can be a resident, you will be paid with a bank credit. Metro House Esenyurt project planned to be delivered in August 2017.


In the project, you can become a resident with a bank loan. 5 minutes to Güzeyurt metrobus station, 10 minutes to major shopping centers such as Media Markt, Bauhaus, Real, Torium, Marmara Park and Carrefour. The project is located in walking distance to health institutions like Esenyurt State Hospital, Esencan Hospital, Medilife and Family Health Center. And are in close proximity to public schools.


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