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Lawyer Kadir Kurtuluş warned against the fraud of property.

Especially in Istanbul Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü districts, many real estate consultants have started to operate in this region due to the construction activities that have continued unabated in recent years. Unfortunately, in the real estate sector, which has become a sector of malicious people who see real estate consulting as a side job without registering in the room, the victims of the citizens have begun to increase. The fraudsters who signed the bill by saying that the citizen who wants to take their homes or workplaces is going to be paid in advance or afterwards, then the buyer; does not extradeve these balances and bonds if they do not get credit, if there are legal problems at home, if they do not trust the building to be completed, or if they give up buying real estate from other reasons. These bills, which are organized as completely abusive, are then subject to enforcement and citizens are victimized. The solution to the problem is from being careful and cautious, knowing your rights, taking precautions in time.


What should you pay attention to when buying real estate?

Review the legal status of the property in detail!

The first thing you need to do first is to find out if the person who appears to be a seller of real estate you want to buy is indeed the owner. Most of the time he may not be the owner of the property that you see though you are in direct contact with the property owner. In negotiations made through a real estate agent, it is frequently seen to avoid giving any information about the property owner. Be sure to find out who owns the property you want to buy and investigate whether the property actually appears to be owned or not.

Look whether the property is in risky area!

With the Law on the Protection of Areas Under Disaster Relief, No. 6306, known as the Urban Transformation Law in the Public, has entered into force, there are many regions declared as risky areas within the scope of “urban transformation”. If you buy real estate from these regions, your building will be demolished even if it is new, if it remains in the conversion area in terms of application integrity according to the law. As urban transformation areas are identified, municipalities can learn these zones and make decisions accordingly.


See the real estate you want to buy!

There are many factors that affect the value of a property such as location, environment, physical characteristics. In this regard, the photos and the information that is passed on to you may be deceptive. This means that you will be able to see the real estate you want to buy on-site and see the transportation possibilities, social facilities, physical properties of the real estate closely.

If you do not want to buy real estate from branded housing projects, first search for the construction company that performs the project and browse the projects it handed over. Do not sign any contract without researching by trusting the advertisements.


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