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 Home    M2 Sales Prices İn Residential Houses İn Kartal Vary Between 2,900 – 6,540 Tl

Both with the new urban transformation projects, as well as the location of the real estate market in recent years, the popular districts of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Kartal has recently seen a rapid increase in housing projects with the development of transportation projects. New residential projects are predominantly located on the E-5 line, especially near metro stations.

Price range in residential houses in Kartal varies between 320 thousand and 750 thousand TL
According to data from, the average residential sales price in Kartal is 3 thousand 575 TL / M², the average rent is 1.570 TL and the return period of the housing investment is 23 years. Housing options are available in different options from 1 + 0 to 5 + 2 in the district. Housing prices in the district range from 320,000 TL to 750,000 TL.

In Kordonboyu, which is the highest price of residence in Kartal, the prices of houses are up to 6,540 TL / M². The average housing size in this region is 130 square meters, the return period of the housing investments is 32 years, the average rent is 2 thousand 400 TL, the house prices vary between 490 thousand TL and 1 million 650 thousand TL. The average housing price in the Middle District is 3 thousand 900 TL / M², 3,800 TL / M² in Petrol İş, Orhantepe, Soğanlık neighborhoods, and the average housing price in Cavusoglu, Atalar, Yalı and Yunus areas is 3,600 TL / m². Regions with the lowest housing prices in Kartal are Uğur Mumcu and Hürriyet Mahallesi with an average of 2 thousand 900 TL / M².

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