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The population of Istanbul is increasing day by day. New houses are being built against the growing population. The real estate sector is quite mobile. Besides this, high-rise buildings are being built. Although the land areas are small, but the number of people is high, high buildings are being built. In this way, a study is carried out to meet the need for marriage. During the past few weeks, Minister of Environment and Urbanism Mehmet Özhaseki was presenting a number of explanations. There was an important point in these explanations. This was the 5-fold limit for buildings in Istanbul.

High Building Number

There are many multi-storey buildings in Istanbul. There are business centers up to 50 floor. There are also some residential projects. These are the high-rise buildings. Everyone is wondering how this decision will be implemented.

Is it possible to apply 5 floor limit?

The number of floors in Istanbul was determined to be 7. Many buildings are 7 floors. The destruction of these buildings is considered. It is aimed to build 5-storey buildings instead of destroyed buildings. However, it is thought that these buildings can not meet the demands due to too much influence. This application seems to be unavailable in the busy places of the city. Because the number of land in these busy places is not enough. The fact that the number of land is not sufficient seems to prevent this practice. In the coming days, new statements are expected about the 5th floor limit in Istanbul. There are areas where vacant land has the majority. It is thought to be practiced around here.

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