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 Home    Limak Finances $ 823 Million For Kuwait Airport

Having undertaken the construction of Kuwait International Airport, Limak received $ 823 million in loans from two Kuwaiti banks.
Limak Holding financed approximately $ 823 million from two Kuwaiti banks for the construction of its new terminal at Kuwait International Airport, which has a contract price of $ 4.3 billion.

The construction of the new terminal building at Kuwait International Airport, which is the “biggest contract for Turkish contractors in a single item outside the country,” is the most important of Kuwait’s two banks, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and Kuwait Finance House (KFH).
Liu made to this agreement, a project undertaken by Turkish contracting firms as outside Turkey, has achieved success working with international financial institutions.

“The Project Has Opened Up For Faster Progress”

Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limak Holding, spoke at the signing ceremony in Kuwait to provide financing: “We have been extremely warm since the first day we arrived in Kuwait and we always felt at home.  ”
“We believe that we are an investor company and we can manage our business in Kuwait from other countries in the region and we can even work together in third countries by bringing Kuwait’s financing power and the ability of Turkish companies to do business together,” Özdemir said. I see that there are significant business opportunities and potentials in this area, and valuable collaborations that we create here will open up to that. ” he said.
Recalling that they competed with 21 world brands in procurement of the project, Ozdemir said that Kuveyt had taken the first business to finish before his date.
Özdemir expressed that the aviation sector in the world, especially in Africa and Latin America, continues to grow day by day and continues to define new possibilities.

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