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Ilkadım Mayor Erdogan Tok, Kökçüoğlu and Hastanebasi Districts said that the urban transformation processes are all over.


Ilkadım Municipality made the traditional iftarın this year at the Ihlamur Café. President Erdogan Tok, who spoke on the iftar dinner attended by representatives of a large number of local and national media organizations, gave information about the ongoing and ending projects. Indicating that there are 7 localities in the urban transformation area, Tok said, “I would like to thank everyone who participated in the program and we will have the introduction of the biggest youth center in Turkey tomorrow and the groundbreaking ceremony of our new service building. We built a car park for 300 cars, we also do a women’s center and a cultural center for women, and a wedding hall for a thousand people on the top floor, these are not dreams.


We are going to build the new building in 1 year after we break down the old building after the festival.We have a lot of urban transformation areas.We have 7 districts where urban transformation is to be done.In the neighborhood, We are confronted with constructions.”


In addition Tok said, “We have taken the decisions of the parliament to plan the implementation of those neighborhoods. At this time, our citizens in these neighborhoods agreed to go with the contractors they wanted to make, so that they could build their buildings. In this regard, we raised the chances of the citizens.

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