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Real estate prices are rising at an astonishing rate thanks to the recently launched Channel Istanbul project in Istanbul, a region that does not offer very high value. The channel project, in which route studies are conducted on many different alternatives from 2011 until today and no information is shared clearly, is getting a clear position with the information announced last month. Ahmet Arslan who is the minister of transport, maritime affairs, and communication announced by the press release of the channel project will be announced through the network is clearly defined.

Which Regions Does Channel Istanbul Add Value To?

It is known that due to the height of the northern regions reaching to the Black Sea, the sea view will disappear and a more intensive construction work will be planned in the southern regions.

A higher increase in real estate prices is expected in these regions due to the formation of urban development areas in front of the Sazlıbosna Dam, which is especially close to the sea level, and the connection with other transportation roads in the areas after Küçükçekmece Lake.

The channel project; railways, airports, metro and land routes and connections with the planned addition of a lot of urban transformation areas, especially in the Küçükçekmece and Arnavutköy are planned to occur. At this point, Arnavutköy, which will take an important position for sea transportation in both domestic and foreign, is more important for investment.

The project, which will direct investors from domestic and foreign to Istanbul in the following periods, especially for the establishment of new businesses, the construction of mass housing or the purchase of real estate for investment purposes only.

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