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 Home    Kadir Topbas Uttered That They Lodged A Tender Of ‘Havaray’

The mayor of İstanbul , Kadir Topbas explained that Havaray project, which begins the part of Sefakoy and continues to the part of Halkali, has been lodged a tender. Besides, it would be quite highly priced over 1 billion.

Kadir Topbas claimed that they would attempt to create a new period in Turkey by the developments, and he added that they made numerous investments accounting for over 1 billion on Buyukcekmece. Besides, they will continue making payments for various projects.

One of these projects is HAVARAY .They will work on this project. Kadir Topbas remarked that one kilometer of metro accounts for 50million dollars, which enables the people to think the price of Havaray. It could be over 1 billion. However, Kadir Topbas pointed out that the winner of this lodge is not certain. And he added that billions and millions are uttered as if these numbers are ordinary.


Why Is Havaray Benefical For The Human Beings?

  • Traffic jam would be achieved to disappear
  • The people would be able reach to work places in a practical way
  • Transportation becomes safe
  • More traffic accidents will be able to hindered.

What Parts Of Istanbul Could Benefit From The Route Of Havaray ?

  • Beyoglu(Şişli)
  • Zincirlikuyu- Besiktas
  • Levent-Gultepe
  • Atasehir- Umraniye
  • Sefakoy- Kuyumcukent-Airport
  • Maltepe- Basibuyuk
  • Kartal-Tuzla
  • Sabiha Gokcen Airport-Formula

All in all, Kadir Topbas’s explanations would give a way for human beings to benefit from Havaray and its route. Havaray will be a remarkable solution for the transportation serving to all humanity.

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