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 Home    Izmır Is The Second City With The Highest Increase in Price of Residences

In worldwide, the city with the highest increase in prices in residences is Berlin. This german city is followed by İzmir. Local and foreign investors are showing a great interest in İzmir. The reason for that is the new residence projects done in İzmir-İstanbul Main Road project and thus the getting easier transformations. As a result, prices in izmir is increasing.

İzmir is the new favorite of investors

There are not only local and foreign individual investors but also the big companies such as Dap Yapı, İş GYO and Teknik Yapı are favoring İzmir as an investment area. They are now making new projects in İzmir.

Berlin is followed by İzmir

In worldwide, Berlin is the first city in increasing house prices with 20 percent of rasing. It is followed by İzmir with 18.5 percent of raising. 3rd one is Reykjavik the capital of Island. After this city, Vancouver, Budapest, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Munich, Rotterdam and Frankfurt are coming.

“Sales rate is now around 80 percent”

A statement was given by Dap Yapı CEO Ziya Yılmaz about İzmir. He said that, as persons from İzmir, they are love this city so much, thus this report showed that investing in İzmir was the right choice. DAP Yapı İzmir project is now having a 80 percent of sales rate. Ziya Yılmaz also said that the real and big increase will be reached in next year. He believed that, İzmir will be the first.

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