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The 3rd airport will start to work at full capacity, Istanbul will take over the bank, Europe’s eyes will be from Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan made the ongoing explanations about the project in Turkey. Arslan said that the construction of the 3rd airport in Istanbul has already achieved 68 percent realization.


Minister Arslan: We will land on the first flight before February 2018

Arslan, who gave information about the progress in the Istanbul project, finally said that detailed work and drilling were done in 5 route alternatives. The project studies started in July, and 162 drillings have been made so far totaling 4 thousand meters, so that additionally, between 150 and 160, a total of 8-10 meters of drilling will be done.

Arslan pointed out that an extraordinary work at the 3rd airport in Istanbul continued on the basis of 7 days and 24 hours. He said that 3 heavy work machines work on the field. Arslan reported, as of today, airport construction has reached 68 percent.

When asked about the future of Atatürk Airport, Arslan stated that Atatürk Airport will only serve small aircrafts when the 3rd airport is opened. Arslan pointed out that the terminals at Ataturk Airport would be offered to the service of Istanbul and said that “One of these could be fairness.” President Mr. Sayin had expressions in this direction and we have the will to design such a large area to breathe in Istanbul I hope the area will be breathing in this city mainly in the framework of this will. ” said.

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