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According to the Istanbul tourism statistics for the January-June period of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a total of 207 visitors came to the city in the first 7 months of the year. Among the Arab countries, there were 34% increase in the number of visitors to Istanbul in January- June 2017 period. Air transportation to the city increased by 6.8% compared to January- June last year, while transportation by sea decreased by 60.3%.

Germans Who Came to Istanbul the Most

According to this, the foreigners numbers who visited Istanbul in the first seven months of 2017 had 9.4% Germans, 7.5% Iranians, 5.2% Saudi Arabians, 4.7% Iraqis, 4%, 3.5 percent for the Russians, 3.5 percent for the English, 3.1 percent for the Ukrainians, 2.9 percent for the Americans, 2.6 percent for the Dutch, 2.4 percent for the Russians Kuwaiti, 2.1 percent Turkmens, 2 percent Azerbaijanis, 1.9 percent Chinese, 1.8 percent Algeria.


A Person From North Korea Came

Among the least arrivals to Turkey are the Vatican (7 people), Papua New Guinea (3 people) and North Korea, Kiribati, Burma and Greenland, where only one person comes.

34% Increase in The Number of Arab Tourists

When the January-June data are taken into account, there has been a 34 percent increase in the number of visitors to the Arab countries from Istanbul compared to last year. According to the figures, in the first 7 months of this year alone, 1 million 357 thousand 525 visitors from Arab countries came to Istanbul and this number was determined as 1 million 976 thousand 166 in the 12 months of last year.

Istanbul has a Capacity of 107 Thousand 267 Beds

According to facility distributions, there are a total of 536 accommodation facilities of 107 thousand 267 bed capacities in the vicinity of Europe and Anatolia from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with “Operation Certificate”. There are 55 thousand 469 bed capacity accommodation facilities which are under construction in the construction and investment document from the Ministry.

The total capacity of the food, beverage and entertainment facilities from the Ministry as “Operational Certificate” is stated as 116 thousand 630 persons.

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