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 Home    Issuance Of Renting Certificate Accounting For 80 Millions

Turkey Finans completed a new issuance of renting certificate. Annual sample incomes costing 80 million that are issued on the base of Turkish liras have been able to reach the level of the rate 11.10%.That’s to say, annual sample incomes which lasts 179 days have been able to achieve to reach the rate of 11.10%. Such a special occasion has been declared for the illumination of community on 20th of March in 2017.


This declaration depicts that the progress of collecting requests have been generated on the dates of 15th-16th-17th of March in 2017, and the institution, participated as the user of fund, have the completed distributions including renting certificates, which both costs for 80millions  and lasts for 179 days. In addition, explanation claims that the payment of extended prices would be carried out on the dates of 16th June and 15th September in 2017.

Assistant General Manager of Turkey Finans, Hakan Uzun mentioned about the issuance of renting certificates by means of some statements. He explained that all the issuances of renting certificates have been completed successfully, and he added that all the financings acquired would be able to provide with both investments and KOBI’s by means of supports. Besides, he uttered that Turkey Finans has continued to keep its innovative attitude since the establishment of this institution through the presentation of new financing options for the customers by giving them a piece of good news about new issuances of renting certificates accompanied by new sources following years.

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