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 Home    Is The Sale Made In Real Estate Offices Valid?

Contracts made in real estate offices are invalid in terms of buyers and sellers. Why is it done? These contracts are valid only for the real estate agent and the real estate commission deserves the commission. It is stated in these contracts that the lawyer is paid to the estate agent by being included in the definition of the bereaved.

Real Estate Sales

As it is known, the sale or sale of real estate has to be in the form of a promising image. In this case, a title deed, the deeds done in the Deed Directorate are compulsory. You promise to sell the contract will still be the official shape. The Sale Voting Agreement is the official venue for the notary public.


Advances Given To Real Estate Agents

The portion related to the given down payment or sales price is taken. Because the earnings can be reclaimed according to the enrichment provisions without reason. However, there is no penal requirement. It is invalid in the penal clause in the invalid contract.

Is There A Sanction On The Contract Made By The Real Estate Agent?

Buyer and seller have no sanction against each other. If they have money, they are obliged to return it. After the contract is made, the parties are obliged to pay commission to the estate agent. This is also defined in the section on the brokerage of the Turkish Code of Obligations.

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