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It was observed that there was a decline in housing prices in the first year and the first half of 2018. It is curious whether this retrenchment in housing prices will continue. Consumers who are considering buying houses or investing in real estate are curious about the trend of housing prices in 2018.

Major real estate investors, important representatives of the construction industry and experts in the field are thinking ‘the right time to buy a house’ for consumers who are looking for the best time to buy a house. Authorized people who have reached consensus on this issue say that those who want to buy housing should act hastily.

The increase in the cost of housing production has not yet reflected in housing prices. Both the global and domestic crises experienced in the years 2016 and 2017 have affected the housing sector. However, thanks to government-backed campaigns, housing sales recovered. Especially citizens who can use interest-free housing loans have dreamed of getting housing. So in the sector did not wait for the stagnant. For now, the housing sector is looking for a new outlet. The upsurge in production in the luxury segment as a result of distorting the supply / demand imbalance and the inability of companies to produce for narrow and middle income citizens also makes the sector difficult.

It is predicted that in 2018 housing prices will not be lower than the current level and will start to increase over time. Experts commenting on this issue predict that this increase will be due to increased costs of housing production and increased interest rates on housing loans.

Since June, it is thought that the need for car parking every independent property, the costs of title deeds, infrastructure fees, high VAT rates, especially construction materials, especially iron, increase in exorbitant prices and increase of excavation expenses will increase house prices in 2018.

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