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For the first time in the neighborhood established on April 20, 1924, illumination of the streets with the lanterns working in the streets of the Cadde-i Kebir (İstiklal Caddesi) was initiated. About Beyoglu, Beyoglu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan, there are many explanations as far as the tramway that is thought to have left, the Beyoglu Cinema and the Gezi Park.


Demircan said “We had 4500 shopkeepers in Beyoğlu in 2004. Today we have 19 thousand 500, 6 thousand hotel beds in 2004, today the number is 45 thousand.These two parameters are very important because trade that lifts a city is a trade, shopping and preference. The buildings will be renewed, the buildings will be renewed, people will find jobs, the environment will be beautiful, the infrastructure will come … It is not possible that there is fertility in the place where it is not in motion. I can say that in the last 13 years in Beyoğlu, building stocks have been invested and renewed. And Örnektepe, which means that Beyoğlu has invested in the past 13 years and has created 110,000 jobs, and the direction for the future is a good portrait. ”


Demircan said “In Karaköy and Tophane beaches, people could not reach the sea. You saw the sea from old buildings. Those old buildings will serve the port with their renewed faces, Istanbul will be open and clean the area.


Both commercial capacities will grow and the construction of the building from Beyoğlu to Fındıklı-Karaköy-Tophane line will lead to renewal. Haliç Port is the same project Kasimpasa version. Starting from the Golden Horn, we will be shooting in Kasımpaşa and Okmeydanı. We are in the process of improving the living standards of the people of Okmeydanı with a population of 100 thousand. We give up the ruins, we are trying to reconcile with the urban transformation. The restoration of 278 buildings in Tarlabaşı will appear as underground car parks like pearl.”

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