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Ergun Turan, Chairman of the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ), TOKİ in Rize, 2 thousand 174 thousand 415 houses completed and delivered to the citizens reported.


Big Investment in Rize

In the written statement made by the TOKİ Presidency, TOKİ Chairman Turan’s Rize Governor Erdogan Bektaş stated that he would examine the 759 residential urban transformation project under construction in Timya Valley. Turan, who gave the comments to the statement, stated that the urban transformation project in Rize has been brought to a very good point. Turan pointed out that, in urban transformation, first of all, taking steps to lift the threats that arise in risky areas and aiming for on-site transformation, Turan emphasized that the citizens’ response is extremely important and citizens will not be victimized in urban transformation.


2 thousand 174 Dwellings Started Construction

TOKI’s big investments in Rize, striking attention to Turan, said:

“We started construction of 2 thousand 174 dwellings in Rize, the capital of tea as TOKİ. We completed 415 of them and delivered to our citizens. We built social equipments beside the house Rize has 400 dormitories, 35 workplaces, 250 beds hospital, 2 mosques, 150 beds hospital, sports hall, treatment plant, and with our ongoing projects, our total investment in Rize will be about 204 million pounds. ”

We Work to Build Cities to Live for Centuries

Turan emphasized that they adopted a human and city-related approach in all the construction activities they carried out throughout the country and stated that they prepared the projects by carefully analyzing every parameter of city and human being such as city silhouette, cultural and social texture, regional economy, geography and environment.

Turan, “With a new vision we are very sensitive to the people and the city, we do not do it when we can do it with a lot of floors, for example 10 floors, but we do 5 floors instead of 10 floors. We are working with the motivation of building people to live as residents and cities that will live for centuries. ” use this expression.


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