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 Home    Integrated Smart Home System Which Improved In Turkey

As our mobile phones, all our home technology will develop in our future and this days are so close. In Usak based Inohom which smart home system company wants to improve home system.

Inohom was establised by Gokhan TEKDEMIR, Serkan CAMCIOGLU and Turgay OZDEMIR. They do not want to improve singular solution, they want to focus about integrated smart home system. One system can control or keep tabs on security cameras, gills, sprinkler systems, lighting, air conditioring etc. All technology work in electronical energy and they integrated each other. You can control whole system with a phone, a computer or a tablet.

They made 1.5 million dollars turnover with 30 projects.’

You know that Inohom has been continue to improve himself since 2012. Gokhan TASDEMIR who is the one of builder of Inohom said that ‘ we are getting bigger slowly because at the fist times of the company, we could not find money to take action.’ After all this time, Inohom can take many projetcs all around Turkey. For example: Istanbul, Ankara, Trabzon, Hatay, Gazi Antep,Van, Edirne, İzmir, etc. In the future, Inohom want to improve himself to order food or taxi in smart home system.

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