Home    In The First 7 Months Of The Year, The Biggest Increase In Housing Sales Was In Ankara!


Turkey Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) House Sales Statistics, which is accepted as the most clear indicator of the procurement rate in Turkey, published in the report. It has been seen that the report, domestic and foreign buyers preferred the capital Ankara in the first 7 months of 2017. Ankara, with 84,788 housing units in 2017, is the city that increased its sales by 12.5 percent among the top 5 provinces sold in Turkey by 2017, it has already surpassed the sale made in 2014 in the foreign residential sales which has increased by 23.9 percent.


Leader of Sales Speed

In the January-July period of 2017, the capital city of Ankara became the leader with a sales rate of 12.5 percent in 20 thousand houses in 5 cities (Ankara, Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir and Antalya). In the first 7 months of last year, 75 thousand 337 dwellings were sold in Ankara, this figure increased by 12.5 percent to 84 thousand 788 in this year.


Foreign Sales of Housing is Rising

During the first 7 months of the year in the capital city, 460 houses for foreigners were sold. Ankara, Turkey in the first seven months of last year, showing an increase of 34 percent after the Trabzon 23.9 percent, followed by the second largest increase in foreign housing rate was the most.


Planned Settlement Regions Increase Sales

Evaluating housing sales statistics, Akfen Construction Chairman Selim Akın noted that investments that are better than the past have shown themselves in housing sales.

Pointing out that the planned settlement areas such as Eskişehir Road, İncek, Yaşamkent and Çayyolu have important place in the rise of Ankara in the real estate, Selim Akin stated that the planned projects are a new concept for the capital city.

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