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Consumers who use housing loans from the banks during the housing purchase process can often pay for expenses they do not know what they are being received for. However, the costs incurred by the consumer, which are not explicitly stated for what they are received or which are mentioned under the file fee, must be returned ain accordance with the decision of the Supreme Court. So, how to file a housing loan file fee? Where to apply for a housing loan file expense claim? How to write wishes to institutions Here is the answer;


1- How to file a housing loan file fee?

The housing loan determines the expense to be applied to where the expenses received under the name of file expense are collected. Those who do not know this number can ask firstly to write a petition to the bank to be informed of the costs incurred. The number in the following reply is checked whether it exceeds the consumer referee committee’s application limit.


2 – How long will the Consumer Arbitration Board limit to 2017?

The limit of the consumer arbitration committee is determined every year. In 2017, the limit of the consumer arbitration committee was determined to be 2 thousand 400 TL.

3 – Where to apply for housing loan file fee?


If the file cost is less than 2,400 liras, the consumer referee delegation can be applied. If this price is more than the consumer court is being applied.

The other two questions are related to the petitions to be written. You can write these petitions by finding their samples online

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