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 Home    Importance of Wall’s Color in House Decoration

Colors have significant effects on human phsychology. Thus, it makes also important chosing the color of walls in home. It should make people feel good. Here some ideas are listed in below.

1-) Vizon color is one of the most used color tone in these days. It is quite modern and elegant. It has a good fit with furnitures and curtains with brown tones. It is especially good for living rooms.

2-) Ivory tone colors are trending in this year. It is quite fit in almost all kinds of decorations. It has very diverse usage in decoration.

3-) Mint green is different from other tones of green. It is trending in this year and is one of the most preferred color in walls. It has a calm, nice and soft effect.

4-) Honey foam color is preferable if you like brownish colors. It is fitting for houses with having brownish color furnitures. It has a natural harmony with wooden and natural stones.

5-) Color of pomegranate flower is forgotten time to time but it always comes back to trend. It has a very strong spring air and energy. Thus, it is very positive for people. However, reddish colors have some unexpected effects so people should be certain before chosing these kind of colors.

6-) Black in one wall is one of the raising trend in home decoration. Especially in bedrooms it can make great effects and harmonies.

These are most preferable colors in home decorations for this year.

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