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The average number of people who rent in Turkey is known as 70-80%  percent. Too many tenants; although it makes the laws fit the interests of the tenant, it often removes the problems of the landlord-tenant. Although legislations are frequently renewed, legal transactions such as contracts are always question marks in the minds of both the landlord and the tenant. One of these question marks is the question is what should be done if the tenant does not leave the house, although the necessary conditions exist. How is the tenant removed from the house in this process?


According to the laws protecting the tenant’s interest, the landlord’s “Leave” does not suffice for the tenant to be removed from the house. The reason for the release of the tenant from the house must be justified. These reasons are; As a result of the tenant paying the rent, the tenant is offered as a follow-up, real estate modification, the need for the house of the landlord, and the change of the house. The rent is not paid on the dates included in the lease contract. there are cases where the host can be found. In the case of a tenant who receives two justified remarks in a lease, the eviction situation becomes a matter of concern.



If at least one of the reasons mentioned is happening, there is no reason why the tenant should not leave the house even if the contract is not over. In such cases, the first step is to resort to legal means. Priority is given to the tenant with a notary approved notice along with the required documents. This notice from the notary is also presented to the tenant in serious condition. This time may vary depending on the situation. This warning on behalf of the tenant is a formal warning that the contract has been terminated. The notice must be delivered to the tenant until one month before the requested date of evacuation.

If the tenant does not leave the house after the warning, the court will be in charge. The proprietor can open the “eviction case” of the tenant.  Despite the expiration of the lease agreement, the first way for the tenants to leave the house is to sign the eviction contract when the tenants are not directly involved in the case. In the case opened, the conditions are reviewed again to see if the situation is suitable for evacuation. As a result of the lawsuit, if the contract is still ongoing, it is terminated and officially released. In cases where the contract is already over, an eviction order is issued directly.

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