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Whether you want to get married and get all your new stuff, or you will replace your old ones with the new ones; there are some facts you need to consider if you are renting. For example; you will move next as the house will not have the same dimensions and features.

Because the size of the windows, the shape of the rooms (rectangular or square) and the size are different in each house, it is necessary to choose the properties of the tenants without removing them from their minds.


At this point, of course, without compromising on your taste of decoration, I will make a few suggestions to make wise decisions.

Love the little ones

This item should actually apply to all your goods. Sofa, coffee table, desk, TV unit, wardrobe … When choosing furniture, you should definitely prefer your smaller and more functional ones, not in your big ones.

First condition is functional!

“Does the seat have a bed or do you have a pad under it? Does the coffee table fold, go inside? Will the table be opened and closed? – these kinds of questions will work for all rental houses.


Break the team!

What does that mean? Stay away from the product groups where furniture makers, such as sofa sets, bedroom suites, dining room suits, etc. offer pajamas. Of course, I will remind you of the things I said for those who rent. A team means more stuff and more space. For example, you may not need both of the berths in the sofa set, or in the bedroom cabinets, the mirrored kitchen in the dining room, so … Determine your needs and set up your furniture kit yourself.

Rugs instead of carpets

The reason for this is quite obvious. The carpet is more expensive than the rug (sometimes it may be the case), and every time you move a new rental home, you can force your budget to buy carpet over and over again. So do not forget to take care to find wiser choices.

Bring the curtains to standard

When you want to squeeze curtains for a window with sunshine, you can wonder at the prices you meet. For this reason, you do not think of the Mediterranean as a wall from the wall, but you can stretch it to the widest window size. You can also choose two winged tulles instead of one piece, which will allow you to make different combinations in your rental home. Storing perdelerse may not be very useful for rented houses.

I tried to sort out the most important items to look out for when choosing items for rent home residents. It is possible to duplicate them and further customize them. In addition, these items may show flexibility in line with the needs of every home and, of course, tenants.

I wish, one day, that all tenants can choose their own home for their taste with the passion of the interior decoration.

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