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 Home    How Much İs The Landlord’s Expenses From The Estate?

Those who want to be a homeowner can find the apartments that they want in the regions they want and the apartments that fit their budget more quickly through the real estate agents.

However, if the property is displayed and bought by the real estate agents, a real estate commission is added to the title deed costs. Therefore, it is necessary to have a certain amount of cash in addition to the selling price.

So, how much landlords do the landlords charge for landlords? How much is the real estate commission? How much is the deed fees?

Real estate buyers and sellers are getting commission on 2% + VAT price separately from home sale price in current application.

Restriction on the commission

A limitation is imposed on the real estate commission under the draft regulation on immovable trade. With the introduction of the draft, the service fee rate in the purchase and sale transactions will not be more than three percent of the sales price in the purchase and sale brokerage contract.

In leasing transactions, the service fee will not be more than one month’s rent for the rental agreement.

The service fee shall be shared equally between the business owner and the buyer or tenant unless otherwise agreed in writing. Realtors are not legally entitled to charge a floor fee. In addition, the real estate broker can not get the position without the power of attorney, which is clearly given to him in taking the place.


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