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Real Estate Housing’s “Unity for Turkey Strong” campaign is valid for the following projects:”Step Istanbul, European Houses Başakşehir, Avrupaark, Emlak Konut Başakşehir Houses, Başkent Emlak Houses, Batişehir, Büyükyalı İstanbul, Ebruli Ispartakule, Esenler Emlak Houses, Evora Denizli, Evvel Istanbul, Gebze Real Estate Houses 3rd Stage, Lake Panoroma Houses, Karat Office Bakırköy, Koordinat Çayyolu, Körfezkent 4, Köy Zekeriyaköy, Maslak 1453, Park Mavera 2, Metropol Istanbul, Nevsehir Real Estate Houses, Nidapark Kayaşehir, Nidapark Küçükyalı, Niğde Real Estate Houses, Sofa Loca, Theme City Konya, Tual Adalar, Tual Bahçekent. “EMLAK Housing REIT campaign supports Akbank, Albaraka, Garanti Bank, Halkbank, İşbank, Vakıfbank, Vakıf Participation, Yapı Kredi Bank, Ziraat Bank and Ziraat Bank. Campaign with a loan of 100 thousand pounds in 120 months with the former interest rates and 1352 liras of citizens now paying 1080 liras. 100 thousand liras with the campaign rates for the loan monthly installments in 180 months 1007 liras, 240 months is equivalent to 930 liras.


In the projects included in the Campaign, it is possible to buy a 1 + 1 apartment in Istanbul with a installment of 1.556 liras in 240 months. If you take the same house for 120 months in installments, monthly installment amounts to 1,806 liras and in 60 months it is 2. 786 liras. In Anatolian provinces, if you take 1 + 1 apartment with 240 months maturity, your installment amounts to 1.619 liras, 1.879 liras in 120 months and 2.900 liras in 60 months.

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