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In order to remove the mortgage placed on behalf of the bank on the residential loan, all of the existing debts related to the mortgage must be paid first. You can then apply for the removal.

Real estate concept

The bank prepares a letter to the deed registry office, which is affiliated with the relevant authority, to remove the relevant sentence.

The mortgage letter is a document that should be issued in the name of the debtor to legally remove the mortgage on the immovable property. It may be issued by the creditor bank in a manner in which the debt owed to the person is paid in full. The bank can give this article directly to the debtor person, as well as to the title deed. The person who receives the mortgage letter should inform the title deed office as soon as possible. However, in recent years, some of the land registry offices are not accepting the mortgage letter from the elderly, only the letter sent with the registered mail channel is processed. The relevant article is removed within 1-2 weeks after reaching the title deed.


In addition to the mortgage letter, it is necessary to present the mortgage deposit to the title deed registry in order to remove the relevant mortgage. This fee is in small quantities and varies from one to another. As of 2015, the mortgage amount is 19.20 TL.

No extra charge can be taken for the mortgage transactions in the banks due to the latest applications and BRSA decisions.

Since August 2014, this practice has been terminated. You only have to pay the mortgage fee of 19.20 TL for the transaction.

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