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 Home    Housing sales surged 2.5 times ahead of population growth! 

YAZGİ ERA Real Estate General Manager Atalay said that the real estate sector is growing above the population of Turkey and stated that 1 million 340 thousand homes were sold last year .
Although the price increases are not at the expected level, the housing sales sector is pleased. ERA Real Estate Turkey General Manager Özhan Atalay stated that the real estate sector in Turkey has grown by an average of 3.5 percent in the last 5 years and stated that the sales figure of 1 million 340 thousand is reached in 2016.


Atalay pointed out that among the main reasons for this increase which corresponds to about 2.5 times of population growth rate; urban transformation and profitable areas in ruined provinces and reconstructed licensed buildings. Atalay also stated that buying houses has made it easier to get even more in recent years, he noted that the age of buying houses has fallen to 35 and it was no longer necessary to accumulate a certain amount.


Atalay stated that the biggest support of the large housing projects made by the strong contractors that have fallen in recent years, rising trends and financial power has been the main support and despite this, the demand has not kept pace and the housing purchase rate has not slowed down to 35 or even 30 .

Ozhan Atalay, who is in the evaluations related to the subject, stated that “Unlicensed and illegal construction is not known while only licensed constructions are taken as basis in the figures announced in the number of houses. When these figures are added, the results are well above the forecasts. In this regard, we know that in the previous years, the ratio of unlicensed buildings to licensed ones is 1/3 or even 1/2. However, with the measures taken and the increase of urbanization, the number of unlicensed buildings is rapidly decreasing, which is a tentative factor in increasing the number of total licensed buildings. For example, a shanty that does not have a record is destroyed when the building is destroyed, and statistics do not reduce the total number of houses. ”


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