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The land of the gendarmerie battalion in Tuzla, in Istanbul, was opened for the reconstruction and construction of residential real estate. Such a decision was adopted by the IMM Assembly. The amendment to the zoning plan was included in the agenda of the Assembly in April and was approved by a majority vote. The land, where the gendarmerie’s battalion was previously located, became the property of the municipality of Tuzla after the adoption of the amendments.


According to the representative of the municipality, the process was started as early as 2014, and the protocol was signed. Land area of 5 thousand square meters was transferred to the municipality of Tuzla in 2015 with a protocol signed between the regional command of the Istanbul gendarmerie and the municipality of Tuzla. With the amendment of the plan, made in January 2016, the military lands were first acquired as a “service area of the municipality” of Tuzla. However, a year later the municipality decided to implement the housing construction plan on this land, and this plan was sent to the Istanbul municipality for further consideration. The plan was included in the agenda and approved.

The approved plan for in addition to the construction of real estate, provides for the construction of a municipal service building, fire protection, a market, a family wellness center, a public education center, a youth center and a tea garden.

It is noted that some members of the parliaments were against the decision to transfer military land to municipal property.

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