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 Home    He Left The Job As An Engineer, He Returned To Where He Was Born!

Arif Doğru, who left the job that he worked for 20 years as an engineer in TOFAŞ that is automotive giant, established a “holiday village” in Gököz village on the mountain foot of Uludağ, where he was born, with the contribution of the donation he got from the Agriculture and Rural Development Support Organization (ARDSO).

Arif Doğru (is 47 years old), who worked as a computer engineer in TOFAŞ for 20 years, decided to invest in Gököz village of Keles district of Bursa, where he was born and growth.


Arif Doğru, who own land on the shores of the Gököz Pond, made a project on this area and created the dream project. Doğru, who presented the project to the ARDSO, started to work by receiving a grant from them.


Having completed the project after a work of about 2 years, Doğru created the places that are able to be performed various activities such as eating and resting in the a la carte restaurant and cafeteria, fishing in the pond, canoeing, horse riding among giant trees, ATV safari, archery, hobby gardens and so on. This place is created as a living space.

Afir Doğru’s project that has the name of “Gököz Natural Park” where on the mountain foot of Uludağ, in a short period of time, a lot of domestic and foreign tourists showed interest.

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