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The 400-year-old Haci Husrev Mosque in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district is being re-opened to public prayer after a long restoration period. With the honouring of the Governor of Istanbul Vasip Şahin, the mosque was opened and Friday prayers were conducted before lokma was offered to the nearby citizens.

Recuperation of An Old Relic

The efforts have been met with approval from various residents of Istanbul and citizens throughout the country. The Governor has said that together they are witnessing the restoration of a 400-year old monument. Şahin stated that “This country has been quenched by the blood of martyrs and turned into a homeland. The monuments and landmarks hava nailed the foundations of culture.”

Hard Work and Dedication

Şahin has stated the diligence of state units and he also underlined the hard work and dedication of the General Directorate for Foundations and pointed out that many historical monuments, mosques and complexes have been restored with the help of the Governorate. The efforts are expected to continue.

Making a Glorious City

It has been common knowledge that many historical relics and monuments have been lost thorughout history inside the huge streets of Istanbul; which was once the capital of the world that has witnessed a number of great civilizations such as the Romans and Ottomans. Now, through restoration, it is being underlined that it is a national mission to protect history and give Istanbul the respect it deserves as a metropolis home to more than 15 million residents.

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