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After the first court decision including the approval of the sale of land with a size of only more than 5,000 square meters, residents of the district of Gulsuyu-Gulensu awaiting resolution of this issue for 40 years, prepare for the next step. It is planned to obtain permission to sell land from 1 thousand square meters. This precedent will eliminate the victimization of residents in the districts and will be the first in Turkey.

The construction plan for 1/5000 of the Gulsuyu-Gulensu district, which remained unresolved for many years, was finally approved by the Union of Municipalities of Istanbul. Maltepe Municipality, a new 1/1000 plan was prepared and submitted to the IMM for further consideration.


According to the prepared plan, 1.5 million square meters of urban areas are planned to be built on this site. 29 percent of the plan are designed as green spaces and a road zone, 5.3 percent of the plan is intended for commercial and residential areas, and 65.7 percent is reserved only for residential construction.

The municipality of Maltepe turned to the 1/5000 plan to ensure that all rights holders unconditionally benefit from case-law transfers related to suspended plans.

First of all, the municipality is actively trying to solve the problem of right holders in the districts of Gulsuyu and Gulensunda. The municipality will write explanatory notes for plan 1/1000, which will prepare a legal infrastructure for citizens who will be able to document that they lived in the area before 2000.


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