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İstanbul Development Agency (İSTKA) meeting held in the governor’s office announced new projects and vision for the future. Istanbul Governor, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce President, Istanbul Chamber of Industry President and Turkish Exporters Assembly President attended the meeting.

Future Vision

Vasip Şahin, who explained the new projects and future vision of Istanbul Development Agency, said “Our aim is to make turn-key, everything, file, applications, and licenses and make investments without losing too much sadness.

5 Years of 400 000 Thousand

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor shared that Istanbul is currently structured in 50 percent of the 5,400 square-kilometer area. When you make these houses horizontal, it is not possible to fit them, but it is necessary to fold, but it is necessary to bring the right solutions. According to the amendment adopted by our parliament, a number of ascenders, taking into account the topographic effects, were identified. At the moment, a structure is not granted above those heights.


Housing Permission

Foreign investor’s residence permit is a serious problem expressed. Besiktas prepared a separate table in the Office of Immigration Administration. The foreign investor made the application directly, and if there is no disability in terms of our country, he gets the residence permits from there as soon as possible.

Financial Issue Life

It is stated annual support of 100 million pounds of support in 2017 will be almost the same, or even increased, stating, “We are living financial problems as long as the project comes. After the project arrives, It is fixed the source.

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