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The highest building in Mississippi, U.S. The 300 meter high glass slides built on the Bank Tower are giving fearful moments to the builders. According to the information received, the 360-degree slide, which is set at a height of 300 meters, is made entirely of glass. Thickness is only 3.2 centimeters.


Pretty Scary

The height of the slide on the U.S Bank Tower in the state of Los Angeles in the United States is 300 meters! To see 360 degrees of the city, revolving slides from the scrolls require courage. The reason for this is that at the first moment you start to slip you hit a cama in the first turn! After this conversion, you slide down straight.


They Go Down One Floor Below The World’s Tallest Building

This slide is going down to the 69th floor from the 70th floor of the building. 73 floors U.S. The Bank Tower is also the longest building in the Mississippi. The fee for get on Skyslide is $ 8. It costs 25 dollars to spend time on the observation deck.


It Takes 4 Seconds But It’s Scary

The Skyslide slide, which is said to be durable even with a tornado and a strong earthquake, lasts only 4 seconds. However, the riders describe their experience as ‘frightening’.

It is unbelievable that the city is an excellent activity for those who want to view the city in a wide angle thanks to the action camera that they have placed in their heads for $ 25.


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