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In a real estate project in Beytepe, Ankara, apartments can be sold for Bitcoin.
Bitcoin entered the real estate sector in Turkey while it was trading at a thousand dollars level at the beginning of the year, with a record breaking value of 4 thousand 950 dollars on 1 September and a loss of 30 percent afterwards.

Bitcoin, which is used for many shopping in the virtual world, and MiaVita Project, which is a dream city in Beytepe, Ankara, can be bought.

Underscoring that Bitcoin’s contribution to both Turkey and Ankara will be positive, Erdal Daldaban, the Project Management Firm Owner, made the following comment:


“We decided to sell with Bitcoin considering that we could attract the attention of the Turkish investors with the recent value route and our customers who appreciate their investments like this. We think that sooner or later our lives will find a permanent place for us, whether virtual or in other words, digital money has become an element that can no longer be ignored for the global economy. The most remarkable progress in these digital currencies was that Bitcoin provided technical infrastructure stability and awareness, and the Turkish investor was rightly interested. ”

Thanks to Bitcoin; Dildaban said, “Bitcoin is independent of monetary policies that control conventional currencies and acts in its own way, as it is not tied to any Central Bank,” said Daldaban, adding that transactions such as making payments and transferring money between accounts have become safer, faster and cheaper.

“You can carry Bitcoins worth billions of dollars on a small memory card even in an electric wallet,” said Daldaban. “It was very awkward to do this with cash or another system, and it was very enjoyable for us to implement this development for the first time in internet age.”

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