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Arson, CEO Of Emaar Turkey, who gave information about Emaar Square Mall, a giant project that has been started in Libadiye in Istanbul, has made important explanations about new investments.

While Emaar, who continued his investments in Turkey, continues to count down for the huge project in Libadiye, Arson, CEO of The company’s, came up with significant investment disclosures. Underlining that they continue to renew their confidence in Turkey in every environment, Arson said they will continue with the new projects.


While the countdown is contunioning for the Emaar Square Mall in Libadiye, The CEO of the company in Turkey came together with the real estate press. Arson, CEO of Emaar Turkey, which gives information about new investments, said, “It is a very correct time to take and enter the project.”

Cenk Arson, CEO of Emaar Turkey, which started its activities in Turkey in 2006, said, “We started deliveries in the Emaar Square Libya project in January. We have delivered 25-30 per cent more and will accelerate this month. With the exception sales of Nort Tower, we sold 80 percent of the homes. We have 4 different buildings and different apartments, so we have different prices. We have apartment worth 2 thousand 500 Dollars – 9 thousand Dollars / square meter prices. There is a quality far beyond the market. Our prices are according to the quality of the pajamas when considering the quality.Our prices are available according to the market we consider quality. I can really say it the Mercedes of the real estate sector. “

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