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Due to the earthquake that broke out in Samsat town about 13 months ago, demolition studies started within the scope of housing construction works for citizens in earthquake survivors in containers. The construction firm has started basic excavations of the houses to be built in the community.

1430 Home Heavily Damaged

After the earthquake of 5.5 magnitude in the town of Samsat, 2,197 houses were surveyed by the Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanism teams throughout the district. Of these, a total of 1430 houses, 651 in the district center and 779 in the villages, were severely damaged.

Started to the Build Permanent House

On the first day of the earthquake, 2 thousand 565 tents were distributed by AFAD in the district. Then, 1900 21 square-meter, hot-watered, air-conditioned containers were distributed. With the Decree No. 696, the construction of a residence for the earthquake victims in Samsat, which can not be constructed due to the absence of the Compulsory Earthquake Insurance, was opened. Later, demolition and construction of permanent houses began.

Governor Speaks to the Head

Making a statement regarding the subject, Samsat District Governor Sedat Sezik stated that a permanent residence application was made and a total of 1139 permanent residences were built, including 518 in the Samsat district center and 621 in the villages.

Sezik said; “On 2 March last year, an earthquake occurred in our county. From the first day of the Depression, our government mobilized every possible means to wrap the wounds of our citizens. In the first place, our citizens were placed in tents and then in containers. As of today, we are launching demolition work for permanent residences and we will do our groundbreaking ceremony. Hopefully at the end of eight months we will put our citizens in permanent residences.”

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