Home    Everyone Becomes a Contractor

People may want to organize their own homes. He may want to have his own home according to his own taste. Contractors can not get enough of this because everyone is different. As a result, problems arise such as the fact that the apartments provided for the plot are not in desired shape. Citizens can be victims of this issue. The state is going to organize this area. With the new arrangement, everyone will be allowed to make their own house.

What Will Happen With Regulation?

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanism adds a different perspective to the real estate sector with a new project. Everyone will be able to restore their own house with the new project. In this sense, the state will not support the support. The state will give the opportunity to renew the citizen’s house with various supports.

Loan and Rent Support

It will provide state loan support for those who want to renew the house. It is expected that the interest rate on the loan will be lower. He will not settle for credit alone. Providing rental support is also one of the titles on the agenda. The support to be provided per apartment is expected to find 125 000 Turkish Liras. It is also expected that there will be no credit payment for 2 years.

What does it mean?

Now it means that people can do their own house themselves. At this stage, those who want to receive credit and support will be present in various applications. Risk analysis will also be done. As a result, the support will be given in case of permission. If you live in an apartment, you alone have the chance to have this risk analysis.

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