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 Home    Erdoğan: We Must Work Without Leaving Home Until 2019

President and AK Party leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AK Party is not a monument to be proud to be. Proud of the process because they contribute to the ruling power should not be used. On the contrary, we need to treat our citizens by being a people of humility. We have to do this, ” he said.


Erdogan, AK Party Ankara provincial organization in his speech at Iftar held at the Culture Palace, Altindag, Ankara being in Ankara to serving a way of living in the country is meant to carry a load, he said.

Living in Ankara to the country of the region, together with and in the world of the oppressed, of the victims stated that he pointed out that was meant to take over the responsibility, said:


“Because Ankara is the capital of the Republic of Turkey. The nature of this city and its history, it may not be glorious, but the mission that you have is really great and very large. The waves of light rising from the middle of Anatolia with 81 provinces before the hope and courage to our country, in our area, and then eventually reaches all of the world. This light is not at that time ascended. Behind the blood of our martyrs, the sacrifice of our veterans, from politicians to bureaucrats, workers from the officer, the farmer is the labor of a whole nation with the sweat of the officer.”


Referring to the fact that Turkey has suffered troubles in which the bills of state and nation relations are always cut to Ankara, Erdoğan said, “We have invested in our country all over our country for 14 years and have brought together the republic and the republic with the services we have been living with. In this process we changed ourselves in Ankara.We have witnessed the birth of a modern capital from Ankara, the villain in the siege of the gecekondus.We have no deficiencies.Of course there are mistakes, there are wrongs but of course there is another thing to work for them to correct, It is another thing to come from ignoring the good work done … Now that we have entered Altındağ, it is not possible to really take pride in seeing the settlements in Altındağ district.

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