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 Home    “ELFI Real Estate” is the Champion of the Realty World Turkey

The offices which succeed to enter the degree between 200 real estate offices in scope of Realty World Turkey by their transactions in the year took their awards in the ceremony which was organized at Swiss Hotel İstanbul. ELFİ Real Estate became the winner of the organization of 2016. The 2016 Realty World Turkey Turnover Category Office 1st is ELFİ Real Estate! In the organization, the champion was explained. ELFİ Real Estate Bursa Office won 7 awards and also ELFİ Real Estate Balıkesir Office which was opened on the date of Nobember5, 2017 had the award for the best departing office! In the Realty World Turkey award organization; also a winner was selected for the Turnover Category Consultant. The winner of the Turnover Category Consultant became Cihan Albayrak from ABC Real Estate. Garanti Koza Chairman Mehmet Sukru Ilkel presented their cups to the winners of the organization.


ELFİ Real Estate Broker Ozkan Aydemir: We love our Business!

Realty World Turkey Turnover Category Office 1st ELFİ Real Estate Broker. Ozkan Aydemir congratulated the winners in the organization. Aydemir continued to his speech: “On the way to success; we are doing our works with a passion. There is qualified team work and trainings at the basis of this award. We reached our each goal at the beginning of the 2016. We strengthened our success with the Cup of Turkey. It was difficult to come to this point but staying at this position is more difficult. “The award ceremony passed nicely.

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