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The restoration continues in accordance with the foundation of Enez Fatih Mosque, also known as Enez Hagia Sophia in Edirne.
In the restoration work initiated by the General Directorate of Foundations in the summer of 2016, the rubble, the central and northern walls of the ruined glass were first cleaned around the roof, then strengthened by the foundation injection system. It is located alongside the Enez Castle near the sea, and only 1.5 floors are being repaired in accordance with the surviving historic building.

 “The Building Will Attract Local And Foreign Tourists”

Edirne Vakıflar Regional Director Osman Güneren stated that restoration work in Fatih Mosque in Enez continues as the General Directorate of Foundations.
Güneren said that the mosque that they started to restoration two years ago had been damaged from natural disasters over the years and said “Earthquake was seen and completely destroyed in 1965 and worship has been closed since that day. the site was built in the Enez Castle and was reinforced by the injection method, and now the building is in the most stable condition. ” she said.
Güneren pointed out that the glass had started to rise and he emphasized that they planned to complete the restoration work towards the end of this year. Güneren added that the Fatih Mosque in the historical Enez Castle will attract many local and foreign tourists by opening a worship service.

Enez Fatih Mosque

The structure, which was thought to have been built by the Roman Empire in the 12th century, was built after Fatih Sultan Mehmed’s conquest of the Thasos, Limni and Semadians in 1456, as well as Enez, Genoese. Later on, the mihrab in the south-east, the pulpit in the west, and the minaret built in the outer side of the cut stone. During the Ottoman period, a part of the glass that was passed through the renovation several times in the 1700s was destroyed in the 1965 earthquake. Enez Fatih Mosque, will be opened again after half a century after the completion of the restoration.

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