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General manager of REIDIN in Turkey, Kerim Bertrand explained that the flats with brands are sold to foreign customers. That’s to say, the foreign customers would prefer to purchase the flats with brands with the rate of 21%.

Kerim Bertrand shared his explanations with the media. He emphasized some points about the speed of selling the flats except some negative points. He shared the assessments about selling the flats, which shows that total flats with brands have been sold to the foreign people with the rate of 25%.


Bertrand claimed that flats with brands were sold to the foreign customers with the rate of 34% in January last year. Besides this rate was 30% in February last year, and that rate was 23% in March last year. While this rate reached up the level of 24% in June last year, the rate of sales decreased on the level of 18% in July last year. However, this rate grew up in August reaching up the level of 25%, which depicted third greatest performance.

Bertrand uttered that sales to the foreign customers did not begin the new year by means of the assessments of wealths in January and February because the rates have been much lower than the other months.

Bertrand added that total flats prices were obtained in cash with rate of 33%. Last year, 33% of flats were sold through the credit of banks, while 34% of the flats were sold to the foreign customers by the warrants.

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