Home    Disadvantages Of Sale Of Property

1-Insufficient Marketing:

You have to do your marketing work. If you do not have enough knowledge and experience in this regard, you will not be able to attract as many candidates as you can. You can not benefit from marketing activities such as intra-office sharing, chain-in-the-chain sharing, sharing with other real estate brokers, brochure promotion, data center receivers promoted by real estate consultants. When your receiver is low, you have less bargaining power. If you do not give me a commission, you might have to settle for a low bid when you say you earn more.


2 – Minimum Promotion:

Real estate firms introduce real estate properties for sale in their own portals and on various internet sites. They use special applications and packages to bring their promotions to the foreground. Because individual users do not benefit as much as they do, the level of promotion remains low, reaching a small number of buyers. The lesser the buyer the lower the bargain power and lower the price as teper.

3 – Wrong Price:

It is not a problem if you say you will sell it. But a property is spelled out when it goes out on the market with the wrong price and is not sold for a long time. Either there is a problem with the property, the buyer’s interest is reduced because the owner is a distressed person. Even when you lower the price, it is normally less than the future buyers. Less buyer results in lower selling price.

4 – Inadequate Sharing:

Real estate agents do not work for that property because they do not authorize property. Most internets put an advertisement and if they are interested, it leads them to see. He does not need an affair because the proprietor of the property owner already exists. However, real buyers and real estate consultants visiting the market are intertwined. With these buyers, calls are made every day, the place is shown. They think of the buyers who bring the intermediaries to service-guaranteed places first, but not the real estate where they can not get the results from them.

5 – Bargaining Challenge:

Period buyer period, there are many sellers from the buyer on the market. When we look at sahibinden.com we see more than 200.000 houses for sale in Istanbul and the number is constantly increasing, only 10.000 of them are sold each month (TUIK 2016 data). Buyers are also aware of this situation. The property owners called the buyer to see the real estate and said, “Do you like it? Do you think about the almayer? At what price do you think to buy? “Anda loses all the power in the bargain. Intermediaries can make these calls without lowering the bargaining power of the property owner. At this point the benefit of working with real estate agents or real estate agents arises because they act as bridges between the buyer and the seller and allow the communication to continue.

6 – Missing Sales with Emotional Causes:

Everyone is emotionally connected to their own property. In a private market where you have special moments, precious memories, Thinks it is the most valuable. You do not mind the problems. The features that are not important to the recipient and appeal to them are more important than necessary. They prevent the negotiation from being concluded. Emotional reactions to the negative comments the buyer made to reduce the price during the negotiation phase lead to the sale being abducted.

7 – Security Risks:

You do not know if the person who comes to see your property for sale is ill-intentioned. The person you bought into your house may have come for different reasons.

8 – Time Loss:

If you are retired, you have no other business to do, it is easier if you are sitting in or near a property for sale. But if you are working or you are away, you should take the time to show interest to interested people. It will take you a long time to deal with those who are not really buyers but who just want to come and see you from the street.

9 – Worn out Nerves:

Inadequate marketing for sale, insufficient publicity, wrong price, When he spends his possessions, he regrets the money and wears his nerves.

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