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 Home    Despot’s House is Being Restored To Become A Hotel

The Palace of Episkos Grigorios Agathonikeos, known as the House of Despot from the symbolic structures of Cunda Island, will be restored to be the hotel.
Episkos Grigorios Agathonikeos Palace, which was built in 1862 and known as the House of Despot, was built from the symbolic structures of Balıkesir’s Ayvalık county Cunda Island.

The fisherman’s daughter, the love of the humpback Azize (Fatma Girik), the blind violinist Ali (Kadir İnanır) is described in the film, the house of Tasla Abla (Suzan Avcı), abandoned for 37 years after being used as a child protection house At Despot’s House, work began for the restoration after the tender made three years ago.
Owners of a mining company Despot’s House are the brothers Ismail, Ali and Polat

It is stated that the work done for the pool and restaurant department will be completed within 15 days. It was learned that the cost of the hotel, which was planned to open at the end of 2018, is about 13 million euros, which is due to start the renovation work after 3 years due to the prolongation of the approval process.


Ismail Polat, one of the owners of the Ankara-based mining company, said that Manisa saw the construction of the historical site in Ayvalık and the tender held by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2015 to follow the mining activities in Soma district. Explaining that they start an investment they make the transition into the mining of the tourism industry Parker stated: “We have work outside the mining industry but the locomotive business is mining. The location is very loving, exciting. Since 2015, the Ministry has been working with the Memorial Board and the construction license has just started.We have started working without losing any time.The Ayvalıklar known as the old orphanage was built in 1862 to Despot itself and then in the Ottoman government building was used for a period of time and then became a Child Protection Agency and since 1981 the building was idle. It is a place that everyone knows. I am very glad that we will make this building to Ayvalık and tourism.It is not like a standard city hotel, we will make a beautiful one “.

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