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Talking about the issue initiated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the stock market Istanbul (BIST) Chairman Himmet Karadag, spoke about important findings.

Karadağ, the demand for real estate certificates planned to start trading in the Stock Exchange in the first week of April, was disclosed to the journalists in the Stock Exchange Istanbul.

Talebin began to gather on March 29 and announced today that it will be final, Karadağ has announced the maximum level of individual investor relations in the modules they have been preparing for long.

Himmet Karadag said that the financial literacy level is not at the desired level, and that it is easier and more investing in real estate certifications.


The company that receives the license for the project will apply to the CMB and get an export permit. Certain parts of the project will be sold with certificates.

Before starting sales with certificates in the projects, it will be determined how many certificates can be taken with which certificate. For example, if you need 11 thousand certificates for apartment 10 in block A, you will accumulate so many certificates that you want to buy houses from the project. If the same apartment requires different people, the application priority will be taken as basis.

When the project is completed, if there is sufficient amount of certificate, title deed and VAT will be paid and home delivery will be taken. For this, the apartments in the project sale price will be sold at auction. The proceeds from the auction will be paid to the certificate holders.

For the certificates to be traded in Stock Exchange Istanbul, direct purchases will be made through Vakıf Yatırım on 29 – 30 – 31 March 2017, the date of the request collection.

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