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House rentals are not small today. Houses are rented at very high prices. Besides this, people can rent their houses on a daily basis. In homes rented daily the earnings are very high. 4-5 times the rental income of a normal rent can be obtained. This allows the homeowners to turn to daily rentals. People are renting their houses for daily rent instead of getting 1000 TL per month. This is 6000 Turkish lira per month. It is about 6 times more profitable.

Rental House Locations

Rental houses are mostly located on holiday resorts. It is also possible to find many daily rental houses near the universities. They are an opportunity for those who go to get a tatami. Instead of expensive hotel prices, the more suitable daily house rentals attract people. There is also a possibility for residents from remote cities to register for university.


All rental houses are under control. The state has struck down this situation since those involved in recent crime incidents have remained in the everyday homes. These houses are now secured with various applications.

What is the Situation in Istanbul?

There are too many daily rental houses in Istanbul. It is known that there are 7000 houses for rent in Kadıköy only. It is not possible to control all of these houses. With new inspections it is expected that all day homes will be under control. The Şişli district is also home to a number of rental houses in Kadikoy. The district with the lowest daily rented house was Pendik.

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